Goatfeathers Emporium
1300 Wyoming St | Boulder City, NV 89005 | 702.294.0602

Boulder City Historic District

Goatfeathers Emporium is located in the heart of the Boulder City Historic District, just 20 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada. Boulder City was constructed in 1931 by the Bureau of Reclamation as part of the Boulder Canyon Project to provide housing for dam workers and their families.

Boulder City was envisioned to be a model city whose design was patterned after the Radburn Idea of city planning which was popular in the Community Planning Movement of the 1920s.

City planner Mr. Saco Reink DeBoer formulated the city plan from July through December, 1930. His design incorporated standard plans for five houses of differing architectural styles. Mr. Wilburn Weed, Architect Landscaper collaborated with DeBoer to layout the greenbelts around city streets, parks and public buildings. The standardized homes were single family dwellings in a Spanish mission style.

Approximately 800 cottages were planned and the peak population Boulder City during the construction of Boulder Dam was 6,000 to 8,000 residents. Many buildings in both Boulder City and at Boulder Dam, later renamed Hoover Dam, have a very distinctive art deco style.

Our Building

There are seven main streets in Boulder City which are named for the states that are drained by the Colorado River: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California and Wyoming Streets.

Goatfeathers Emporium is located at 1300 Wyoming Street in an 8,000 sq. ft. industrial art deco style building built by Don Belding and O.L. Raney to house the Boulder City Laundry and Cleaners. They started construction on the building after their original location on Nevada Way was destroyed by fire in 1942.

The building which the Goatfeathers Emporium currently occupies opened for business as the Boulder City Laundry and Cleaners on June 30, 1948.

Cheryl Ferrence in her interesting book, Around Boulder City highlights the history of the young business partners and the impact they had on Boulder City. In addition to the Boulder City Laundry building, the pair owned a service station and the Gold Strike Inn & Casino (now called the Hoover Dam Lodge).

Our Murals

The Goatfeathers building has several colorful murals created by the talented artist Connie Burnett-Ferraro. Connie has done many interior and exterior in Boulder City, earning her the title Boulder City Home Town Muralist . Connie is a member of the Boulder City Art Guild and does portraits and murals on commission. Connie Burnett-Ferraro Gallery

Our Neighbors

Goatfeathers Emporium is steps away from the historical Boulder Dam Hotel, a Dutch Colonial style building which was built by Jim Webb on the original site of the Cardenas Plaza (park) in 1933.

Housed within the Boulder Dam Hotel is the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum which contains exhibits and artifacts which tell the story of the Boulder Canyon Project.